The Politics of Parenting

Parenting Politics

Most parents are filled with self-contradicting irony, at one end, you parade your child milestones wherever and whenever you can, you never fail to mention how those insignificant details of your child daily routine is the foundation to being CEO of the next big tech company, the next Mozart, the next Van Gogh or even the next Beckham. But on the other extreme end, you want the kid to be docile, filial, God-fearing and law-abiding citizen. Now, anyone want to ask how much weed did Steve Job smoke? Or how many chic did Ronaldo bedded/bedding in his life? Why don’t we ask many tax rules are those Forbes top 50 companies breaking on a daily basis?

History will show that there are only few that achieved worldly recognition, fame and fortunes while remained a saint, there is Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, some of the Popes, Prophet Muhammad… I think that is the end of the list. So what was your actual intention when you teach your 2-year-old kid how to walk but when he runs, you scream in absolute horror. Parents are indeed very confused homosapiens.


Malaysia Growing up

There was a time when I was constantly asked to draw the image of Malaysia in the year 2020, write how we would be living in The Jetson like houses, and if you suggest anything short of a magnetic elevated transportation device, you will get a big red F on your work. Basically, you asked the entire generation of children to dream, to envision the future, to be bold and dare to be different. So, we are here now, about half a decade before the midnight bell strikes on 2020, suddenly you don’t like what you see, and you start to have cold feet, knee-jerk reaction, screaming in horror.

Is this due to fact we are not living up to your dreams, or you didn’t foresee our dreams are nothing close to flying spaceships and intergalactic travel? Instead we are tree-huggers, coffee lovers, Instagrames, Facebookers, speaks the language of hashtags, heck we even stop a country with yellow umbrellas. Are we being a petulant child or are you being an obsessive controlling parent?

  • We refuse to follow textbook rules, because you asked us to think outside the box.
  • We don’t want to be spoon fed, because you asked us to learn from the world best.
  • We don’t need you to deforest Borneo, because we are reading from iPads.
  • We don’t think you should subsidise petrol, because e-car is an available technology.
  • We don’t do open house, because we now know how to eat less, live more.
  • We don’t watch RTM or TV3, because we get content from Youtube and Netflix.
  • We don’t like campaign poster to educate us what is right or wrong, because we can Wiki it.

And the list goes on… Perhaps from your point of view, things are growing out of control, but on the flip side, you should be proud parents that we grew up to be wiser, learned and know how to think for ourselves and the next generation as well? No?


Learning to Let It Go

I hate that song to the bones but I have to agree that we all have to learn to let go as a parent, understanding parenting is not a lease on the of your child, but a guiding line to a kite. And only when the line snaps, the kite will truly fly to its full potential. As parents, we just need to know where to pick them up when they fall to the ground.

Similarly, a country should not be defined by a leader or a political party, instead, the true strength lies within the soul and spirit of each citizen. The success of a generation isn’t defined by mega-structures but what are the resonating impact from our doings. We can’t expect a child to follow our orders forever, nor should we think we are going to be there for them for eternity. Let it go so we can let them grow.

Easier said than done, ask Dr M.


Now Everyone Can Talk

When Tan Sri Tony paid RM1 for a loss making airline 13 years ago, I don’t think in his wildest dream, how far reaching that his airline can change the political landscape of Malaysia. All he wanted to do is start a business, make income and earn a profit. Well, along the way, of course things got complicated and being known in the industry that he possess an ego that reflect his physical size, he never failed to make headlines.

So he is an entrepreneur, innovator, aviator, game-changer, sports aficionado, and as his wealth and influence gathers, descriptive words of him become softer, an educator, philanthropist, motivator, guru and so on. But little did he aware, he led an unconscious revolution in a country who pretty much adopt monkey see, monkey do politics with his AirAsia(AA) low-cost airline empire.

The Economics of Liberalising Exclusivity

Nah, I don’t study economics, just put it there so it sound impressive. But if you think of it, air travel was for the privilege few before AA came about. Remember how big of a deal if you going to travel via air plane back in the 80’s? Heck, I was trembling and at same time brimming with pride because I took my first flight without having my parents paying for it. These days, air travel is like taking a bus at Pudu, sometimes it actually cost less than a coach ticket.

Apply that to millions of Malaysia citizen criss-crossing the country and the region, suddenly boarding a multi-million dollar vehicle doesn’t seem to be such a big deal after all. And if I can conquer what use to be the epitome of rich travelling, what else can I not do?

Simplification of Complication

Not until you have experienced booking an airplane ticket with a travel agent, you won’t understand the meaning of complexity. Heck, they even intentionally sound intimidating over the phone just to make you feel small and idiotic. And if you book you flight ticket over the counter, they type on the keyboard as if they are solving Einstein E=MC2 for you just to get a lousy seat on a short flight from Ipoh to KL.

These days, you book you flight ticket from Sepang to Melbourne over your smartphone screen, and not too distant into the future, you might be doing that with your Apple Watch. Suddenly, you don’t need an intermediaries to get you a ticket to cross the globe, you can do that by tapping your finger tip onto the screen of your phone. Absolutely empowering.

So no more ketua kampungs, divisional chief, section chief, youth chief and every other guy come knocking at your door telling who you should vote for, all you need is open your Google chrome and the report card of your candidate that holds the future of your constituency and your country is just a tap away. Absolutely empowering.

Where is the fun?

Do you still remember how serious air travel is, I mean it is still guide by aviation rules and regulations but at least you don’t feel like you are being ushered into an orchestra performance or medical symposium. Flight journey have become more relaxed and less rigid. You get on-board with the whole gang of friends and family to the next vacation spot simply because you can afford it now. Holiday travel is not necessarily a annual event but instead you can hop on to a flight every 3 months to unwind and recharge.

So who says will have to pick a side and stay on that side of the fence for the rest of our lives. If they law-makers don’t serve your interest, change it. No one can force you to a corner and force you to toe the line anymore. Heck, if you don’t like view on either side of the wall, change your view, build your own view. Point the view, chart the destination and board the plane cause if Everyone Can Fly, what else you can’t do?